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As the NFL entered its dead period this past week, that blink of a break between the end of minicamps and the start of training camps, optimism reigned. Always does this time of year.Wholesale Jerseys.Every story about every player on every team oozed with hope and possibility. No fan base called to replace its starting quarterback (although Jets fans would like to find one), no coach found his proverbial seat at a temperature above lukewarm, and every team could at least extol its playoff chances, although some sounded more realistic than others. The Panthers say it feels like 2015 again, and in Los Angeles, Todd Gurley is communicating better with his offensive linemen after a rough second season.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.Even Cleveland quarterback Brock Osweiler sounded like a Comeback Player of the Year candidate.

Most NFL fans know the answer to the first question. The second question, however, is the source of endless talking head debates.Jerseys For Sale.After Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, nobody is necessarily safe depending on who you ask. Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson are just a few that get put up against that test.Sporting News ranked the starting quarterbacks from 1-32 for the 2017 season, and we used several different guidelines.We looked at last year’s stats and career stats. We factored in win-loss records, winning percentages and playoff victories. We did some head-to-head arguments.Cheap Jerseys From China.Finally, we propped every quarterback up against the Flacco scale in honor of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who is the flashpoint for those “elite” debates. Quarterbacks who scored four or more “Flaccos” are in that elite discussion.

Jeff Hostetler was an NFL nobody when his big moment arrived. He was a third-round pick buried on the Giants bench, relegated to mop-up duty for six long years.Youth Football Jerseys.He was frustrated, unable to find a better opportunity in the era before free agency, even willing to consider a position switch just to get onto the field as something besides the field-goal holder.Then Phil Simms broke his foot late in the 1990 season, with the Giants in the heat of the Super Bowl chase. Hostetler led December wins against the Cardinals and Patriots to guide the team to a 13-3 finish. He threw a pair of touchdowns in a 31-3 drubbing of the Bears to start the playoffs. He took some nasty hits in the fourth quarter of the NFC title game against the 49ers, briefly leaving the game.Cheap Jerseys.But he returned to lead a pair of field-goal drives for a 15-13 Giants comeback victory.Hostetler capped his 1990 relief performance with one of the greatest management efforts in Super Bowl history.

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