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An independent football league debuting in April is embracing high-profile NFL players who were shunned, extending invitations to Johnny Manziel and Ray Rice and lining up several former draft picks with the promise of a shot to display their talent.Jerseys For Sale.Spring League CEO Brian Woods told The Associated Press he had conversations with representatives for Rice and Vince Young, and challenged Manziel to prove himself on the field in a few months.”If Johnny Manziel is serious about a future in the NFL, the Spring League is willing to provide him with a platform to prove he’s still relevant,” Woods said.Manziel declared on Twitter this week that he’s trying to be “a good person” and suggested he’s stopped partying.The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner has been a free agent for most of the past year. The Browns released him in March following two tumultuous seasons defined by inconsistent play and numerous problems off the field, including a stint in rehab.Since then, the 24-year-old quarterback has been dumped by two agents after both demanded a second rehab trip, and navigated a domestic violence charge in Texas that prosecutors agreed to drop when he pledged to meet certain conditions for a year.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.

A countdown of the greatest teams in pro football history needs little introduction.Cheap China Jerseys.You are about to meet an amazing collection of Super Bowl champions, undefeated teams, teams that led the league in offense and/or defense, teams that captured imaginations and defined generations. There is one ground rule to keep in mind. To prevent this from becoming just a countdown of 1960s Packers, 1970s Steelers and recent Patriots, each team chosen casts a five-year “shadow.” So the 2004 Patriots also represent the 2003 Patriots, the 1998 Broncos represent the 1997 team, and so on.There are still multiple great Tom Brady Patriots teams and Steel Curtain Steelers on the list, despite the “shadow” effect. And multi-season dynasties get a boost in the rankings over teams that rose and fell quickly.Throwback Jerseys.But no matter how much time you spend encyclopedia crawling and stat crunching (including Football Outsiders’ historical DVOA estimates), comparing great teams across decades and eras is an inexact science.

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